Individual Counseling

Life brings all manner of struggles and coping can be difficult. Whether dealing with divorce, trauma, depression, anxiety, life changes, or anything else, we would love to help. We use an integrative approach, including Christ-based counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and EMDR. You can contact us via phone, email, or this website.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage brings plenty of opportunity for positive and negative interaction. We believe God has good things in store for your marriage, and that restoration is possible. If you and your spouse need help learning to deal with your struggles, we would like to walk with you on the journey to healing.

Graceview Counseling Center, is an approved facilitator

for SYMBIS and Prepare Enrich, which are pre-marital

counseling assessments.

Child/Adolescent Counseling

Children can become emotional during transitional moments and have learning or behavioral problems; the earlier they can get treatment, the easier will be to overcome those issues. We provide services that will properly address children concerns, such as play therapy, sand therapy and art therapy.

Family Counseling

Family dynamics can be tricky to navigate through, whether with biological families or blended families. Family counseling will help to develop, enhance and transform inner relationships within the family system. Improving communication skills, interactions and family relationships.